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Tyler Willis

Founding Employee, Involver

Tyler was the head of brand strategy and a founding employee at Involver, a marketing technology platform used by more than 800K agencies and brands. Now he is the Vice President of Business Development at Unified. He blogs at

Here’s my schedule for SXSW 2009, courtesy of Sched. If you’d like to meetup, text me at 650-796-9815. I’m especially looking for people to interview who are relevant to trends […]
I just found this, it’s a clip from a dinner I had with friends on Election Night. It was filmed and edited by my friend Giannii, who is a community […]
It’s plain to see that I’m an optimist, sometimes more than is socially comfortable. The ease with which I dismiss the disastrous economic decline above serves as one example of that. I wrote that the recession will benefit our political system, and, before I cut this line, as having “rewarded our company for methodical execution and ruthless efficiency by removing competitors from the landscape.” I make no mention of the disastrous effects on millions of people, and the great uncertainty that grips any well-briefed mind, because it truly doesn’t stand in the foreground of my mind (despite suffering personal loss of wealth). Our species is running towards a precipice with looming dangers like economic decline, political unrest, climate crisis, and more threatening to grip us as we jump off the edge, but my optimism is stronger now than ever before. On the other side of that looming gap are extraordinary breakthroughs in healthcare, communications technology, access to space, human productivity, artistic creation and literally hundreds of fields. With the right execution and a little bit of luck we’ll all live to see these breakthroughs — and members of my generation will live to see dramatically lengthened life-spans, exploration and colonization of space, and more opportunity than ever to work for passion instead of simply working for pay. Instead of taking this space to regale you with the many personal and focused changes I intend to make in 2009, let me rather encourage you to spend time this year thinking, as I’m going to, more about what we can do in 2009 to positively affect the future our culture will face in 2020, 2050, 3000 and beyond.
As a kid, I enjoyed producing written word. I hated the act of writing, but I enjoyed looking down and seeing my words on paper — and feeling like I’d […]
My Birthday Party is this Saturday (the 18th of October) at MR and is in celebration of Barack Obama. Come listen to music (Dave Lowensohn of Speechwriters LLC is playing […]
My buddy Salman loves Uncov. To be fair, so did I — it was my favorite guilty pleasure.  And before you start asking me questions like “how did it add […]
I attended a pretty awesome event last night thrown by one of our all-star advisors, Sundeep Ahuja. It was called awareness2action, and had about 50 attendees from some of the […]
Today, Mike and I collaborated on the best bug ever filed. You can see it in it’s original glory here, or read the “edited for ease of reading” text version […]
I recently received a text message from my friend, Wes, that asked me when I was going to get back to blogging. One of the personal projects littering my to-do […]
I was chatting with a friend yesterday. I realized that, despite being at the cutting edge, he seemed to misunderstand what I was working on. The good old “forest for […]
From The HBR IdeaCast #43 with Bill George, author of True North. Bill says “…the hardest peson you’ll ever have to lead is yourself. If you can lead yourself, leading […]
I stopped writing poetry awhile ago, but I’ve felt the bug come back with a vengeance lately. Here’s my first foray back into writing. Short. Sweet. A little sloppy perhaps, […]
“I have just undergone an ordeal,” I tell my roommate. Awestruck he stares at me, pondering tales of dragon-slaying or bar-fighting. Of course the truth is lame in comparison, but […]
I’m creating a commercial right now for the fourth project at my film school. It’s a standard 30 second spot and is centered around helping people find out what’s happening […]