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Tyler Willis

Founding Employee, Involver

Tyler was the head of brand strategy and a founding employee at Involver, a marketing technology platform used by more than 800K agencies and brands. Now he is the Vice President of Business Development at Unified. He blogs at

Read Stoicism

Your first philosophers: Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Seneca, and one strange new face. Why the first books people read about Stoicism should be by one of these guys. On Stoicism Graduation season […]

Bitcoin is Trust

Last week, I invited a few friends to come together and talk about Bitcoin. The conversation was wide ranging (read: ill-organized), but interesting. Three key topics emerged out of the […]

Optimal Team Structure for B2B Marketing

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff is the CMO of Mindjet, and is an exceptional marketing leader. Last week, Jascha posted a short slide deck that covers how he builds marketing organizations.  I worked […]

Oracle acquires Eloqua

Some interesting news this morning – Oracle acquired Eloqua for just over 800mm. This is a huge validation of enterprise marketing technology and is going to have impact on the industry. This gives Oracle […]

So you want to be a Growth Hacker?

A friend recently asked twitter for some recommendations on what to read if they want to learn about Growth Hacking. Being a great marketer (fine, fine “growth hacker) is about […]

The Trick to Viral Growth

I recently helped a friend prioritize their measurement framework for a series of growth experiments. Here’s a lightly edited version of my advice. When looking to focus on user growth, […]

No Technology Dies

Kevin Kelly’s “What Technology Wants” is one of the most important books I’ve read in the past decade. If you’re at all involved in technology innovation, it’s required reading. I […]

Karma could mean billions for Facebook.

Facebook acquired mobile commerce startup, Karma. This acquisition didn’t get nearly the attention it deserved. As Chris Dixon wrote about Facebook’s Business Model: The key question when trying to value […]

Growth Hacking

Andrew Chen has the valley all atwitter with his most recent post: Growth Hacker is the new VP Marketing. The post is well worth reading, and Andrew adds a fantastic […]

The New Literacy Rate

If I were to send you back in time to 1500, a time when people were just learning how to cope with the recent disruptive invention of the moveable type […]

The Law of Accelerating Media

Regular Readers If you are a regular reader here, you might be interested in reading a guest essay I wrote in Forbes. It’s about how marketers are being challenged by […]

Hire Moms

Building a great team is the ultimate competitive advantage. Steve Jobs famously thought that his greatest creation wasn’t a great device, but rather was a company filled with people capable […]

Robot Apocolypse

The technologies that contribute to automation are likely to follow an exponential pattern, which means that more industries will start to lose jobs at an astounding rate as machines get […]

Potential Radicals

Occupy Wall Street is becoming a meaningful movement these days, with large numbers of people out on the street in several major cities and manymoreengagingcautiously, curious about what the movement’s […]

Remembering Steve Jobs

Mourn for a day. Think Different for the rest of your life. That’s the only thing I can think of. I’m still speechless at the news that Steve Jobs has passed […]

Using Power as a Founder

Over the past few days a “scandal” has emerged from a leaked email regarding AirBnB’s new round of financing.  Potential investor Chamath Palihapitiya (former head of growth at Facebook and now […]

User Acquisition

(The image to the left is from a Nancy Duarte presentation on the emotional path people travel down during great presentations) I was having drinks last evening with a startup […]

Hiring at Involver

We just opened up a positioning on the Involver Marketing team, I’ve loved developing relationships with you all as readers – and I think some of you might be a […]