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Tyler Willis

Founding Employee, Involver

Tyler was the head of brand strategy and a founding employee at Involver, a marketing technology platform used by more than 800K agencies and brands. Now he is the Vice President of Business Development at Unified. He blogs at

I was riding in a car with my dad on the last leg of a father/son roadtrip today and we both noticed a magnificent Hawk flying nearby. It reminded me […]
I’ve enjoyed some European Travel, and I need to get some more places. After school (and probably grad school) I plan on moving out of the USA at least for […]
Go Check out FairVote. n I’m all for this change to direct election, it will encourage people to get out and vote. Here’s an excerpt from their webpage. n That’s […]
Watch The Daily Show’s Short on Myspace.Just hilarious… As a recovering myspace adict, I actually think Myspace has been brought to us by the devil and no longer use it, […]
One of my favorite videos ever.Jon Stewart makes an awesome speech on Crossfire completely dismantling Tucker Carlson. Begala gets a little as well but Tucker really gets it. I recently […]
I’m vastly aware no-one/very few people read this… hence it is going to become way for me to organize and publish my thoughts, and work on communicating and recomending in […]