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Update on Life: The Visual Study

I have recently begun a one year intensive study on film at a school in San Francisco. My main goal is to learn how to tell stories in a visual medium. Being able to convey your ideas visually will become increasing important as my generation takes hold (words? we don’t need no stinkin words) and while I am going to continue to improve my writing, I think visuals are going to be more powerful in the years to come.

My first movie, a romantic drama entitled Something More Important, will Debut on September 10th, 2006 at 2565 Third Street. If you’d like to attend send me an email and let me know, I’d love to see you there! It’s a short film about a man having difficulty balancing his passion for fighting Global Warming and his family life. It’s my first real film, and I’m pleased with the outcome and reinvigorated to get back into pre-pro and make my next one better (learning by doing my friends).

A nice side benefit is I’ve discovered how much I like the City Hustle and Bustle, and I’m devolping a much better understanding of the city and SF is much better then the South Bay for a young single man. I’m looking forward to increasing my knowledge of life and learning more. There’s a lot more going on here then in Sunnyvale.


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