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Filming Involved

I’m creating a commercial right now for the fourth project at my film school. It’s a standard 30 second spot and is centered around helping people find out what’s happening at night. I’m taking a non-conventional slant for distribution, instead of having a client who collaborates on the project I’m making my best guess at what the market wants. There is a certain risk associated with getting a commercial which is if you don’t pick the right filmmaker you don’t get what you want. If I can remove this risk and deliver a concrete product instead of a dream there may be a market that could be captured there. This is my flagship test into this idea and I’m excited to see how it goes. There are some variables in terms of creating the right product so that it fits the markets needs, I will figure those out soon (hopefully). Until then, this project has been a whole bucket of fun.

We filmed Friday, in an extraordinarily tight time frame (good work cast/crew!), my first project with DP George Manatos made me ecstatic. He’s extraordinary… glad to be working with him. We filmed in the Dogpatch and it was great to get some visuals in the “real” San Francisco. The historic district offers both community and industry in a well oiled package that would be circa 1930 if it weren’t for the excellent design elements that have been added in the mean time and the brand new T-Line. It’s simply beautiful. I’ll be sure to post the footage once it’s done.


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