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Laurie Vazquez

Contributing Writer

Laurie writes about science and technology for Popular Science, TIME, and FiatPhysica. Her passion is figuring out how things work and explaining them in plain English. She is always on the hunt to find and share the coolest ideas out there, and is excited to do that for BigThink. When she's not doing that, you’ll probably find her playing video games, her viola, or writing science fiction radio plays for KSVR’s Radio Theater Project. You can also find her on Twitter @mslauriewrites.

It’s not by burning people’s pictures and wearing the flag as a cape, but by understanding ourselves better, and understanding the person beside you. Three Ways America Can Be United Again – Through Decision-Making 3 Ways We Can Make America Great Again – Through Decision Making Looks Like We’re Making America Great Again. Here Are 3 Ways to Contribute.    
A new study from Cornell University shows how metaphors influence our ability to be impressed by genius and uncovers a gender hook – it seems we prefer to conceive of male genius as an exciting idea explosion, and female genius as a long, hard labor of hard work.