Want to learn another language, fast? Level-up with this brilliant learning app.

Get connected with a native speaker and be immediately immersed in a virtual reality learning space.

  • Mondly offers a different approach to foreign language instruction.
  • Native speakers give students real-world situations to improve language fluency.
  • Mondly's speech recognition technology evaluates student responses.

Only 20 percent of all students are currently learning a foreign language in American schools. Contrast that figure with Europe, where 92 percent of students are not only learning another tongue, but many are adding more than one alternative language to their skill set.

Standard foreign language training conjures images of dry vocabulary exercises and rehearsed sentences that often don’t relate to real-world conversation and language comprehension.

Mondly is a learning platform offering a refreshing new approach to helping students grasp a foreign languages. Mondly users start by picking their language. They’re then connected with a native speaker in that language and are immediately immersed in a virtual reality setting. Helpful lesson prompts guide new learners through conversations with the speaker, presenting different options for responding to questions and comments.

Mondly’s state-of-the-art speech recognition technology evaluates the spoken answers throughout the exercises and determines if the answers are correct. This method spawns conversations with a truly organic, real-world spin that students report doesn’t feel like language training.

Instruction plays more like a game than a lesson, arming students with digital dictionaries and verb conjugators to build out a vocabulary aimed at full fluency fast.

Buy now: A lifetime subscription offering training in five languages of your choice is now $59.99, including a $10 limited-time price drop. Other Mondly plans are also heavily discounted now, including 1 language ($19.99), 3 language ($59.99) and the complete 33 language plan ($99.99).

Prices are subject to change.

Mondly: Lifetime Subscription - $59.99

Learn a new language for $59.99

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