Mystery Volcano Photo #35

Thank you to all for the comments over on the "state of the blog" post - keep those comments coming. I thought I'd send you off for the weekend with a new Mystery Volcano Photo. If you remember, last time we have a real stumper from Papau New Guinea (submitted by Dr. Philipp Ruprecht). It took a while (and for you all, that means a few hours rather than minutes), but Doug C finally identified MVP #34 as Wagifa Island (see satellite image of Goodenough Island, with Wagipa/Wagifa near the top left of the tear-shaped island), D’Entrecasteaux Island Group in PNG. The shot was taken from Goodenough Island and Wagifa Island is part of this andesite-to-basaltic andesite volcanic cluster.

So, our standings:

updated to reflect the winner of that mystery, Jan Nygard.

Current Standings

  • Boris Behncke - 6
  • Don Crain - 4
  • The Bobs - 4
  • gijs - 2
  • Chris Reykjavik - 2
  • Doug C. - 2
  • volcanista - 1
  • Lockwood - 1
  • Elizabeth - 1
  • Ralph - 1
  • Anne - 1
  • Cam - 1
  • gg - 1
  • Damon Hynes - 1
  • Marco - 1
  • Diane - 1
  • Stephen - 1
  • MK, Alberta - 1
  • Kultsi - 1
  • Henrik - 1
  • Zane - 1
  • Rodger Wilson - 1
  • Robin Campion - 1
  • Jan Nygard - 1
  • As I've been doing for the last couple MVPs, this new image needs some exact information - so you need to identify the volcano and crater in the image ... and provide a rough idea of when it might have been taken.

    Mystery Volcano photo #35

    MVP #35 - click here to see a larger version.

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