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The city that never sleeps is also the city that forever changes, making its future notoriously impossible to predict. Recently a number of our experts tried anyway, gazing into their […]
Last night officials began “chemotherapy treatment for the Great Lakes” when it began poisoning sections to do away with the invasive Asian carp.
Archaeologists in Cyprus have discovered a 10,500-years-old water well that contains the skeleton of a young woman.
More than 2,700 unmarked graves containing 3,000 bodies have been found in the Indian-administered Kashmir Valley, according to a human rights group.
Honeybee researchers have discovered that the insects release a deadly odor that shortens the lifespan of their family members – usually their sisters.
Engineers have developed a new substance by embedding liquid metal in a flexible substrate – and so created flexible, self-healing liquid metal.
A whistleblower who exposed the torture of protestors in Iranian jails has died after being poisoned by a delivery salad laced with blood pressure medication, fuelling fears that he was murdered.
While others struggle to combat the aging process, Dr. Leonard Guarente, director of MIT’s Institute on Aging, seeks to understand it. A forty-year veteran of the university, he is best-known […]
A silent home movie showing Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe smoking marijuana has been unearthed and sold to a collector after languishing for 50 years in a granny’s attic.
Plans to develop advanced prosthetic limbs would offer the same level of flexibility, dexterity and feedback that a hand could offer according to the project’s developers.
Scientists have discovered that women live longer than men because they are made of different stuff – the study suggests that sperm may have a detrimental effect on lifespan.
Mayor of Baltimore Sheila Dixon has been convicted by a court of the single charge of taking gift cards intended for the city’s poor worth $630.
There’s a herd of tame elephants in Indonesia that is used to patrol the 200,000 acre park-like jungle Guardian Angels to stop intruding pachyderms from killing humans.