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Latin America is the forgotten continent, often ignored by the U.S. and the rest of the developed world. But the region and its rich cultural and creative resources could play a more visible and relevant role with the advent of its creative class, which if properly supported, could partake on what is increasingly an economy of ideas and innovation. This evolution could also help the region drastically change its image.
The Best ROI (Return On Investment) For Small And Local Businesses Is Email Marketing. Learn How To Make $60 Every Time You Spend $1. So many small and local businesses like yours and mine come in contact with numerous customers/clients every single day. How much would our businesses prosper if we could find a way to capture their information and continually market to them and consistently make money from it?
10 Billion Beats is a non-commercial Global Intention Event that will use drumming to send a wave of positive intention around the world. Starting in Central Kansas, it will follow the sun through the time zones at 7:00 PM on Sept. 18, 2009. (Sept. 19 as it crosses the dateline)
an article I posted in businessweek about how the notion of the expansive corporation is receding and instead we are seeing the rise of free agents connecting around opportunities. It is in this new dynamic that I find a strong potential for a new economic revival.
“European Union takes turn right.” I don’t agree with this headline which I’ve heard and seen in English several places such as BBC and NPR. I also don’t agree with low turnout being a referendum on dissatisfaction with the European Union. The daily advantages of easy travel and purchasing between countries seems to already be taken for granted.