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Yemeni security forces have located and killed an “al-Qaeda kingpin” in Shabwa province after “intensive operations against the terror group”, according to an official statement.
Washington has dismissed claims of responsibility by a Los Angeles-based terror group of involvement in the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist in Tehran yesterday.
A powerful earthquake struck Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince last night causing mass destruction and fears of a huge death toll in one of the Caribbean’s poorest countries.
Yes. There’s snow in Spain. And in the south of France. Yes, it’s recently been cold in places that aren’t usually cold, and yes, Florida residents have been wearing parkas […]
The efficiency of markets has certainly been called into question in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, but British activist and author Raj Patel goes one step further, asking […]
How do you tell a Rembrandt from a non-Rembrandt? Even the experts have been stumped, and they’ve been stumped for centuries since Rembrandt himself passed away. Drawings by Rembrandt and […]
Reports of airplanes hitting birds and other wildlife have soared to more than 10,000 in the months since a US Airways jet ditched down in New York’s Hudson River.
Japanese car maker Honda is challenging the perception of eco-cars by bringing out a new hybrid generation of its notoriously sporty Honda CR-X…but will consumers buy it?
Crystal formations on the moon’s surface, found by India’s Chandrayaan-1 probe, prove that “a rolling ocean of magma once engulfed the rocky body of our satellite.”
The last surviving member of the group who helped shelter Anne Frank’s family from the Nazis, Miep Gies, has died in a Dutch nursing home aged 100.
An Iranian nuclear scientist has been killed by bomb in a booby-trapped motorbike which exploded outside his home in a suburb of Tehran.
The Nation says public subsidy can save journalism in America. The Columbia Journalism Review predicts public outcry at impending Wall Street bonuses. The U.K.’s Digital Economy Bill could grant Google […]
Paleontologist Peter Ward, professor of biology at the University of Washington and an expert on mass extinction events, stopped by Big Think today to discuss nothing less than the fate […]
Product safety officers are launching an investigation into the presence of the toxic metal cadmium in children’s jewelry import from China after evidence of the substance was found.