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In the wake of the financial crisis, many new metrics are being proposed that will measure living standards in a new and different way from the conventional Gross Domestic Product calculation.
Not getting enough sleep can cause fat to accumulate around your organs, a condition much more serious than being typically overweight, scientists have found.
A Twitter typo served as inspiration for a super fast and convenient way of paying for goods online called Twitpay, invented by Alabama-based computer programmer Michael Ivey.
When J.D. Salinger passed away recently, many casual fans who only remember him from tattered copies of The Catcher in the Rye lost long ago seemed shocked that he was […]
This essay describes a model for urban development that takes into account and makes use of the externalities that exist in the built environment. Buildings and the people that inhabitat them makes neighborhoods and vice versa the value of a building is in its locations. How can better frame this relationship between an object and its environment? How can develop strategies for a integral area development that learn from the best global examples?