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Federal and state governments certainly face serious fiscal problems, and can’t continue to spend more than they take in indefinitely. But are they really broke?
Ask a student, any student, what ‘R2P’ means, and you can be forgiven for the blank stare you are likely to receive. Flesh it out into ‘Responsibility to Protect’, and you are still likely to get […]
We have never learned how to use instructional media in our schools in any predictable or systematic way. An even greater problem is that we have not learned how to […]
How was your weekend? I’d be willing to bet you watched at least a little football yesterday. I’d be surprised if you didn’t think about politics once or twice this […]
Pierce, M., & Stapleton, D. L. (Eds.). (2003). The 21st century principal: Currentnissues in leadership and policy. Cambridge, MA: Harvard EducationnPress.n n The essays in this volume examine the future […]
Listen to this post! There are some great conversations going on right now about Marc Prensky’s article, Engage Me or Enrage Me. One is at Dennis Fermoyle’s blog; the other […]
This year I started writing a column in the SAI Report, the monthly PDF newsletter put out by the School Administrators of Iowa for its members. With SAI’s permission, I’ve […]