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Scientists have figured out a new technique for revealing images of hidden objects which could one day allow doctors to see more precisely through the human body without surgery.
If you live in a city, it's probably loud; the effects of noise pollution fall disproportionately on the poor and damage our psychology as well as our physiology.
George Prochnik writes that the ever-present background noise in modern society is more than annoying -- it's actually harmful to our cardiovascular health and concentration, as well as our political discourse.
Tom Jones’ old friend Elvis Presley once told him “You have the voice of a black singer. Are there any black people where you come from?” To which this multi […]
NASA has unveiled a prototype for a new kind of vehicle which could revolutionize the way we travel. The “Puffin” takes off like a helicopter, flies like a plane and sounds like a car.
Google’s rival to Apple’s iPhone hits the market to a fanfare of adulation and scepticism in equal measure – but can it live up to its “superphone” tagline?
From Artificial Car Noise to Zombie-Attack Science, the New York Times Magazine lists the year’s most interesting innovations and ideas from A to Z.
Winmark Authorized Agent Group Audi A3 2.0 T – Comfort Whether commuting in heavy traffic or cruising down the highway, the A3’s cabin remains pleasantly refined. Tight-fitting doors, windows and […]
In a democratic society each person has a right to voice their suggestions and opinions in a polite way. Each voice is important whether you write to your mayor, your state representative or your U.S congressional representatives. Some tips for coming up with an idea plus a website with tips for writing to elected officials.