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“Wasting food isn’t just bad in its own right, it also represents a profound waste of energy.” Scientific American reports on the amount of oil needed to support the food supply.
Why has the Red Bull energy drink company built up its very own sporting empire, organizing aerobatics competitions, sponsoring snowboarders and running a soccer team in New York?
“Subway trains will generate power for the grid with a battery that captures power from the braking trains.” Technology Review reports on energy innovation out of Philadelphia.
Congress is unlikely to pass any serious climate change legislation now that the Republicans have retaken the House. If you doubt that, consider the leading candidates to replace Rep. Henry […]
Travel writer and longtime Tanzania resident Frank Bures tells first hand of how communication and energy technology is giving Africa a brighter outlook than ever before.
“Forget wind power or conventional solar power, the world’s energy needs could be met 100 billion times over using a satellite to harness the solar wind and beam the energy to Earth.”