Want a lifetime of learning? Skill-up with this stack of online courses.

StackSkills Unlimited is offering the ultimate career booster: lifetime access to over 1,000 courses in many of today's most in-demand skill sets.

  • StackSkills Unlimited is an online learning resource with over 1,000 skill training courses.
  • Over 550,000 students have successfully completed courses in IT, graphic design, finance and more.
  • Save over 90% off the regular price
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This A.I. pocket device translates languages in real-time

The ONE Mini is a Swiss Army knife of translation tech, interpreting 12 different foreign languages with a host of features.

  • The ONE Mini translates and transcribe 12 languages in real time.
  • Advanced speech recognition tech produces text or verbal translations instantly.
  • Live premium translator service is available through ONE Mini.
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5 Cyber Monday deals that could change your career

The start of 2020 is a perfect time to shore up some deficiencies in your game. And in the spirit of the season, use the coupon code CMSAVE40 to get an extra 40% off.

  • Get Cyber Monday savings on three premium online learning platforms.
  • Mondly foreign language training offers a five-language package for $35.99.
  • Save an extra 40%-60% off select deals with coupon codes CMSAVE40 or CMSAVE60.
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These science-backed mindfulness meditation exercises are built just for you

Machine learning meets meditation? Aura Premium takes advantage of groundbreaking advances to intuitively tailor short, science-backed mindfulness meditation exercises to your needs.

  • 83% of Americans suffer from work-related stress.
  • Aura Premium uses groundbreaking AI to tailor meditation exercises.
  • Mood-tracking technology adjusts your meditations to serve your specific needs.
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