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When one of my co-workers found out about a tiny, orphaned kitten that needed a home a few months ago, he didn't hesitate to adopt it.
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Study: These personality traits predict early career success

A new study found that personality growth in young adults predicted career benefits such as income, degree attainment, and job satisfaction.

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  • A 12-year longitudinal study found that personality changes in teens predicted important early career outcomes.
  • Growth in extroversion, conscientiousness, and emotional stability showed the strongest effects.
  • While personality traits have been shown to be relatively stable, they can also be developed throughout our lifetimes.
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    Is your company innovating? A Whole Foods case study.

    The "lone genius" often gets the credit for big ideas, but real-world innovation is a team sport.

    • Individuals like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs are often idolized as masters of ideas, but according to Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, it usually takes many people iterating and taking chances for a company to be truly innovative.
    • Using Whole Foods as a case study, Mackey shares a story of how a bar experiment at one of his California markets evolved into a successful feature and spread to other locations.
    • By giving teams the freedom to try (and fail) without being micro-managed, organizations can create a culture that allows innovation to happen, not one that tries to force it to happen.
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    Why you should type less, talk more, according to science

    Lack of communication and collaboration are the biggest struggles facing remote workers.

    Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    When did you last pick up the phone to a coworker or friend instead of firing off an email or text message?

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    Study finds hard physical labor raises risk for dementia

    Work that can break down the body can also break down the mind.

    @YourPhotoTrips via Pexels
    • A new study out of Denmark finds that physical laborers are at an elevated risk of dementia.
    • These findings hold even when other health factors are accounted for.
    • The study also suggests that exercise can help reduce the risk of memory loss.
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