The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a number of new behaviours into daily routines, like physical distancing, mask-wearing and hand sanitizing. Meanwhile, many old behaviours such as attending events, eating out and seeing friends have been put on hold.

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Accidental MIT study shows everybody is bad at getting stuff done on time

When you say, "I'll get it done this week," you're just lying to yourself.

Credit: from Pexels
  • A paper from MIT shows that few tasks are actually done in the time frame expected.
  • People of all ages and levels of expertise were rather poor at estimating how long tasks take to complete.
  • Writing and coding tasks took the longest to do.
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Land your dream job with the ultimate resume builder bundle

Get a lifetime subscription to the AI-based Rezi software, 100 different resume templates, and career-building courses for just $40.

  • Finding a new job can be a full-time gig in itself and lead to many dead ends.
  • This bundle combines a variety of tools and techniques, including an AI-based software, to create the perfect resume and cover letter.
  • The 2021 Complete Resume Builder Bundle will help you stand out as a candidate and land your dream job.
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Learn the fundamentals of computer science for only $40

From coding to web development classes, this course bundle could lead you to a career in computer science.

  • If you put in the work, making a career switch to computer science is completely doable.
  • These computer science lessons in Python, Linux, TensorFlow, discrete mathematics, and more can be done from the comfort of your couch.
  • You can sign up for the 2021 Complete Computer Science Training Bundle and prepare for a new career for just $39.99.
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How the pandemic could finally democratize commutes

Whose responsibility is it to ensure that there is affordable access to employment?

Credit: Eddi Aguirre on Unsplash

What responsibilities do employers have in terms of supporting their workforce's commute to work?

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