HAPPINESS/MONSTERS (feat. Salman Rushdie) - Think Again Podcast, ep. 15

Before he “jumped ship to the useless, unemployable arts", young Salman wanted to be a physicist. This and more on Big Think's weekly podcast, Think Again. 

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FREE $#!+/HIDDEN COSTS (feat. Freakonomics' Stephen Dubner) - Think Again Podcast, ep. 14

Are Pirate Bay (illegal, free) and Spotify (legit, really cheap) undermining artists' incentive to create? This week on Big Think's podcastwe're joined by Freakonomics' Stephen Dubner. 

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FUTURE CRIME/PERSONAL YODA/BONUS TRACK (feat. "Reply All" hosts PJ & Alex) - Think Again Podcast, ep. 13

Is weaponized DNA something we should be worrying about? Can we escape our own irrationality? Does the future look like Mad Max? This week on Big Think's podcastwe're joined by the astounding Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt, from Reply All, and the astonishing Matt Farley writes us a theme song in under an hour. 

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