Habits: How to be successful every day

Habits are easier to hack and change when you understand how they work.

  • Habits, both good and bad, are pre-made decisions that make up around 40 percent of our day and require no real conscious thought. In order to regain control, resist environmental temptations, and reduce your bad habits, it helps to understand the three parts of a habit loop: the cue (or trigger), the behavior itself, and the reward.
  • Gretchen Rubin, Dan Ariely, Charles Duhigg, Adam Alter, and others explain how you can successfully hack your habits by shifting away from goal-based achievement markers to system-based processes; learning the difference between rewards and treats; and thinking less about immediate gains and more about long-term benefits.
  • Regardless of what some people might try to sell you, there is no "magic answer" when it comes to changing habits, says Rubin. You have to find what works best for you.
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5 facts about positive affect for 2021

After the unrelenting negativity of 2020, we may need a refresher on the benefits of a positive affect.

Credit: Antonioguillem / Adobe Stock
  • 2021 won't reset the ills of 2020, but for many it's become a symbol of a fresh start.
  • A positive affect is contagious, correlates with better health, and leads to more supportive social connections.
  • However, positivity must be balanced with realism if it is to improve our well-being.
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    Study: These personality traits predict early career success

    A new study found that personality growth in young adults predicted career benefits such as income, degree attainment, and job satisfaction.

    Credit: fizkes / Adobe Stock
  • A 12-year longitudinal study found that personality changes in teens predicted important early career outcomes.
  • Growth in extroversion, conscientiousness, and emotional stability showed the strongest effects.
  • While personality traits have been shown to be relatively stable, they can also be developed throughout our lifetimes.
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    Is your company innovating? A Whole Foods case study.

    The "lone genius" often gets the credit for big ideas, but real-world innovation is a team sport.

    • Individuals like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs are often idolized as masters of ideas, but according to Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, it usually takes many people iterating and taking chances for a company to be truly innovative.
    • Using Whole Foods as a case study, Mackey shares a story of how a bar experiment at one of his California markets evolved into a successful feature and spread to other locations.
    • By giving teams the freedom to try (and fail) without being micro-managed, organizations can create a culture that allows innovation to happen, not one that tries to force it to happen.
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    Become a data science pro with this Excel course

    This eight-course bundle is your deep dive into PivtotTables, Power Query, and so much more.

    • While traditionally considered boring, spreadsheets are one of the most powerful data analytics tools around.
    • Microsoft Excel has greatly expanded to become an essential visualization platform.
    • In an era in which data is king, this realm of data processing has never been so important.
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