Scientists confirm quantum response to magnetism in cells

University of Tokyo scientists observe predicted quantum biochemical effects on cells.

Credit: Dan-Cristian Pădureț/Unsplash
  • Scientists suspect quantum effects are behind animals' ability to perform geomagnetic navigation.
  • Geomagnetic navigation is believed to be light-based.
  • Researchers watch as magnet-induced quantum changes affect cells' luminescence.
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    Why do men need to recharge after sex? Scientists make surprising discovery.

    Previous research suggesting it's all about prolactin may be missing the mark.

    Credit: DANNY G/Unsplash
    • Men and other male creatures need time to recover between ejaculations, and scientists have assumed it has to do with an increase in the hormone prolactin after coitus.
    • A new study finds that manipulating prolactin levels in mice makes no difference in their sexual behavior.
    • The authors suspect more complex interactions may be at the heart of the wait for round two.
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    Control group outperforms mediums in psychic test

    Some volunteers performed above chance. They weren't the psychics.

    Photo: Goffkein / Adobe Stock
    • A control group outperformed professional mediums in a psychic test.
    • This contradicted previous research the team performed in which mediums scored above chance levels.
    • For this study, every volunteer had to guess the cause of death after being given three choices.
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    Michio Kaku: 3 mind-blowing predictions about the future

    What lies in store for humanity? Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku explains how different life will be for your ancestors—and maybe your future self, if the timing works out.

    • Carl Sagan believed humanity needed to become a multi-planet species as an insurance policy against the next huge catastrophe on Earth. Now, Elon Musk is working to see that mission through, starting with a colony of a million humans on Mars. Where will our species go next?
    • Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku looks decades into the future and makes three bold predictions about human space travel, the potential of 'brain net', and our coming victory over cancer.
    • "[I]n the future, the word 'tumor' will disappear from the English language," says Kaku. "We will have years of warning that there is a colony of cancer cells growing in our body. And our descendants will wonder: How could we fear cancer so much?"
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    Photo by M_K Photography on Unsplash

    As with almost all life on Earth, human beings also function in cycles of light and dark. Look what happens to the human organism (and psyche) every day.

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