The strange genetic twist in Campbell's tomato soup

New research solves a long-standing puzzle.

Image source: Velho Junior/Shutterstock
  • Breeders found a genetic tweak that made tomatoes easier to pick, but they didn't grow as well.
  • Modern technology has revealed an ancient surprise hidden in the fruit.
  • New research showcases how much we're still learning about crop gene editing.
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Surprising Science

Giving up marijuana improves memory in just one week, study shows

Attention rates, however, remained the same whether smoking or not.

  • 88 youngsters from Boston were recruited for the study. 55 of them managed to abstain the full 30 days.
  • Memory improved one week after abstaining, although attention rates stayed the same.
  • The researchers hope to conduct a six-month test.
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Mind & Brain

5 Halloween horror stories found in nature

The natural world evolved many pop culture frights long before storytellers used them to terrify us.

(Photo from Wikimedia)
  • Animals utilize shocking capacities in an effort to survive and pass on their genes.
  • We look at five such gruesome scenarios to see how nature is red in more than tooth and claw.
  • Halloween monsters don't have anything on Mother Nature.
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Surprising Science