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This today is the scene from battle ground Britain, as the Government announces the biggest austerity and cuts programme in living memory. The Markets reacted well, but then they would. […]
A world free of disease and poverty. A dictatorial and all-powerful artificial intelligence. Picnics on sunny days with one’s grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. Genetically engineered dangerous mutants. Which one of […]
Consumers today are knowingly and unknowingly providing businesses with more data than they’ve ever been capable of collecting before. The analysis of this information could have profound implications for business.
The World has watched and cheered to the rafters the human drama unfolding in Chile. That thirty three miners could be trapped underground for two months, survive and be winched […]
A few weeks ago, rumors started swirling that the United Nations was going to nominate Mazlan Othman, a celebrated Malayasian astrophysicist, to be the UN’s first Space Ambassador.