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“Gitmo North”

Some 100 Guantanamo inmates are scheduled to be relocated to an empty prison in the rural town of Thompson, Illinois raising several legal questions.

“A number of inmates from the Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba are set to be transferred to a jail in the US state of Illinois. Barack Obama, the US president, ordered the acquisition of the currently near-empty high security facility in the rural town of Thomson on Tuesday. The prison is expected to hold up to 100 Guantanamo inmates as well as other federal prisoners. The Thomson Correctional Centre will also act as a venue for trials of some of the detainees before a military commission, while some other detainees will go before civilian courts. Announcing the decision the Obama administration sought to assure Americans that none of the detainees previously held at Guantanamo would be released into the US, even after the conclusion of any trials. ‘The president has no intention of releasing any detainees in the United States,’ a letter signed by senior US national security aides, including Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, said.”


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