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France: 1, Google: O

France has fined Google $14,000 per day until extracts of French books are removed from Google’s online book-digitization project.

“A French court ruled on Friday that Google infringed copyrights by digitizing books and putting extracts online without authorization, dealing a setback to its embattled book project. The court in Paris ruled against Google after a publishing group, La Martinière, backed by publishers and authors, argued that the industry was being exploited by Google’s Book Search program, which was started in 2005. The court ordered Google to pay over 300,000 euros, or $430,000, in damages and interest and to stop digital reproduction of the material. The company was also ordered to pay 10,000 euros a day in fines until it removed extracts of some French books from its online database. Google said it believed that it had complied with French copyright law and that it planned to appeal the decision.”


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