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Abortive Actions

Michigan representative Jim Slezak is lobbying for an amendment to state law that would make abortion illegal.

“Michigan state Representative Jim Slezak, has decided to start tilting at windmills in his very first term in office—if by ‘windmills’ you mean women’s wombs,” reports Carnal San Francisco. “Slezak has proposed an amendment to the state constitution that would functionally make abortion illegal in Michigan. Slezak’s amendment asserts that every person has a right to life with personhood defined as beginning at conception. Slezak introduced a resolution in support of the amendment last week which was supported by 22 of the 110 members of the House. Representative Paul Scott, who backs the resolution and the amendment with Slezak, said ‘A lot of people campaign on Right to Life, but when they get to the Legislature don’t do anything to further that cause. Jim and I felt it was the right time.’”


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