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David Berreby

Author, Us and Them: The Science of Identity

David Berreby is the author of "Us and Them: The Science of Identity." He has written about human behavior and other science topics for The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, Slate, Smithsonian, The New Republic, Nature, Discover, Vogue and many other publications. He has been a Visiting Scholar at the University of Paris, a Science Writing Fellow at the Marine Biological Laboratory, a resident at Yaddo, and in 2006 was awarded the Erving Goffman Award for Outstanding Scholarship for the first edition of "Us and Them." David can be found on Twitter at @davidberreby and reached by email at david [at] davidberreby [dot] com.

A couple of hours after my last post about the battle over ebooks pricing, word emerged that Amazon and Macmillan had ended their feud. The day before, another giant publisher, […]
Royal Caribbean International is continuing to dock its luxury cruise ships on the beaches near Labadee in Haiti, near the epicenter of the earthquake. Some passengers are queasy about this. […]
If you’re worried about Google tracking everything you do with its services, then you should know about Moxie Marlinspike‘s new Firefox add-on, Googlesharing. And if you aren’t worried, maybe you […]
About 50,000 years ago, on the Mediterranean coast of what is now Spain, somebody (or bodies) was keeping carefully ground-up pigments–red, yellow, orange and shiny black–in neatly pierced seashells. That’s […]
Ron Bluntschli, an American who works with Haitian farmers through the organization Beyond Borders, told me this story years ago: “When I lived in the country there was a family […]
Just in time for the holidays comes a study that says loneliness spreads like a disease through people’s social networks. In other words, that sad, isolated feeling is contagious. It’s […]
Didn’t see this one coming: I thought Shiites were attracted to Hezbollah for its fight against Israel, or its aura of piety, or its social welfare programs. Didn’t know that, […]