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So this post–like some others–is meant to be diagnostic.  It’s a postmodern and conservative observation on who sophisticated Americans think they are these days.  As an attempt to be an […]
One really never knows what one will find cruising around the jihadi forums. The other day I came across a pretty interesting thread asking who was the true Amir al-Mu’minin. […]
The military is investigating the first-ever U.S. casualties due to drone warfare. Today Big Think takes a look at a day in the life of a drone operator and the psychological stress that remote warfare puts on our troops.
Greg mentioned below that there is news about the Huthi rebellion being drowned out a little by all the AQAP coverage. For those new to the blog, we won’t get […]
Friday December 17 marked the one year anniversary of the US air strikes in Majalla, which killed, along with some al-Qaeda operatives, a number of women and children. The incident […]
One of the difficulties of following or writing about Yemen is that alarmism tends to become a series of “oh, and also”, which lessenes its impact. Right now it looks […]
Maureen Dowd brought it up, but we are happy she did: it’s an excellent time to remember Kipling, and in particular to remember his most celebrated line from “Arithmetic on […]
As noted below, the Yemeni Parliament has overwhelming agreed to postpone elections for two years, pushing them to the futuristic 2011. The Yemen Observer, taking an angle I hadn’t thought […]
I recently wrote of the bear pit into which habitual ‘Twitterers’ can fall, and today the British newspapers are full of writer and broadcaster, Stephen Fry’s Twitter comments about women […]