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Two teams of researchers have confirmed that an asteroid circling the sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter has water ice and organic compounds.
Roughly half of the heat that is believed to have built up on Earth in recent years due to global warming is unaccounted for, and scientists worry that it is gathering deep in the ocean or elsewhere.
Scientists have found a distinctive kind of breaking wave in the deep sea representing a subtle force that stirs the seabed and helps distribute rare nutrients.
There is a lot of evidence suggesting life exists on Mars, says astrobiologist Dirk Schulze-Makuch. “It’s actually more scientifically outrageous to think that Mars is and always has been sterile.”
Researchers have developed two new broadband acoustic systems that could represent a major improvement in how fish and other marine life are counted and classified.
Scientists have discovered the reason why the earth wasn’t covered with a layer of ice four billion years ago, when the Sun’s radiation was much less than it is today.
Scientists are predicting the disintegration of tropical coral reefs by the end of this century as rising acidity in the World’s oceans threatens to mortally unbalance marine ecosystems.
Scientists have found that a particular area of the North Atlantic Ocean attracts plastic debris and other trash, leaving the region comparable to the Pacific’s “great garbage patch”.
An iceberg the size of Luxembourg which has broken away from Antarctica was caused by a collision with another iceberg rather than being a result of global warming.
Scientists have discovered a remarkable species of octopus whose exceptional powers of camouflage mean it can successfully imitate flounder fish in the Atlantic Ocean.
A diverse range of corals harboring unusual symbiotic algae in the warm Indian Ocean suggests resilience to future global warming, Penn State researchers have found.
April 8th is the date when a satellite made from a converted Russian-Ukrainian nuclear missile will be sent into space to map the world’s ice fields in an effort to better understand global warming.
Water has been found on the moon after scientists detected ice deposits near the Moon’s North Pole, confirming decades of speculation about Moon rivers and oceans.