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“Pain makes us loyal, and the surest way to improve the performance of a product is to raise its price.” The Frontal Cortex on our irrational devotion to the things that vex us most.
“China is pouring another $7 billion into Brazil’s oil industry, reigniting fears of a global ‘land grab’ of natural resources.” The Independent on a rising China’s geopolitical strategies.
Imagine everyone decided to stop producing fossil fuels tomorrow. Global warming thresholds calculated by climate change scientists would not be crossed. Danger lies in future production.
Greenwashing is like whitewashing. Whitewashing means covering up any black marks on something’s record to make it seem better than it really is. By the same token, greenwashing means making […]
Dear Friends and Supporters, On Sunday, November 12th in Racine, I will hold my 1000th Listening Session with the people of Wisconsin. Before reaching that milestone, I want you to […]