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Plunderers at the Polls

"Halliburton isn’t on the ballot next Tuesday, but it might as well be." Robert Reich says the midterm elections are a referendum on corporate control of Washington D.C.

“Next Tuesday Americans will be deciding whether to hand over even more of our government to corporations that have been plundering America—such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Wellpoint insurance, Massey Energy, and Halliburton, the giant oil services company. Not every large corporation is irresponsible, of course, but plunderers that get away with it gain a competitive advantage over the more responsible, and thereby lead a race to the bottom. Case in point: Halliburton executives knew the cement it was using to seal BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil well was likely to be unstable but didn’t tell BP or act on the information.”


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