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Who's in the Video
Soraya Darabi is the co-founder and leader of business development and marketing at Foodspotting, a location-based mobile app and online community which allows users to upload and share pictures of[…]

Soraya Darabi:

Last week I applied to be part of a women’s networking group and they asked me for my resume and I smiled and said truthfully I haven’t made a resume in about four years, but I sent her my LinkedIn link and she sent back a note saying this will do, this is perfect.  I know some organizations, some startups specifically, but also VC firms who refuse to accept PDFs of hard print resumes and they’re only looking to social media accounts.  What do you have to say on Twitter?  How knowledgeable you are on your social media accounts like Quora.  What does your LinkedIn account look like?  These are the factors that they take into account when they’re looking at potential hires, specifically for digital jobs.  So my personal feeling is that most careers are converging.  The changing landscape of new media is focused almost entirely on the digital landscape, so as more and more jobs become digital it is becoming increasingly imperative for us to have a strong digital presence and that presence doesn’t have to be no fun and games.  It doesn’t mean that you have to be very strict about what you talk about, but be careful.