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Soraya Darabi

Digital Strategist for ABC News

Soraya Darabi is the co-founder and leader of business development and marketing at Foodspotting, a location-based mobile app and online community which allows users to upload and share pictures of their favorite dishes. She is also the Digital Strategist for ABC News In 2010, Darabi appeared on the cover of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People of 2010 issue. The following year, she became the first digital ambassador to Global Pulse, the United Nation's technology group.

She got her start at 23, managing digital parternships and social media marketing for The New York Times, “where she successfully led the drive to syndicate news and video across multiple social-media platforms.”



The more that we know how to leverage these social platforms to either donate our time or our energy or our money to either a natural disaster or even to a political revolution the more we can facilitate change.