Harry Reid on John McCain and the Iraq War

The war, Reid says, has given him a lot of grief.
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Question: If John McCain is elected, would that be a mandate to stay in Iraq?

Harry Reid: The war causes me grief. We had a bloody month in April, 51 Americans killed. Every one of those Americans who died had wives, mothers, fathers, neighbors, brothers, sisters. It’s tragedy all 51 times. We have lost going on 4,100 Americans, tens of thousands wounded, a third of them grievously wounded--missing eyes, more then 3,000 double amputees, paralysis, and of course one out of every five has head trauma so badly that they need care for this next generation. I can’t imagine the American people endorsing this war. It’s costing us $5,000 a second, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What more you can say? The American people can’t endorse this war.