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This Week in Comments: November 26th—December 3rd, 2017

It's that time again. Are you ready to throw down the wit-gauntlet and put those potently chucklesome or chin-strokingly insightful words to fingertips? 

This Week in Comments: November 26th—December 3rd, 2017


Has Apple Lost Its Simplicity without Steve Jobs?

Geoff S. AbramsThe reason apple products used to be preferable to the less tech savvy masses was that it was simple and intuitive enough that my parents and people even older could figure it out in a few hours without studying any manuals. Sadly Cook has lost sight of that and kept the cheesy aesthetic while moving closer to Android in user functionality. Apple has trained the baby boomers to be tech literate enough to make the switch to Android. Oops!


Need Another Use for a Liberal Arts Education? How about Learning to Be a Citizen?

Brian Mitchell: Our society has changed from expecting our citizens to understand their role as humans in a society, to making as much money as possible. This is why you see a strong push for STEM degrees with a constant mocking of folks who get Liberal Arts degrees.

Understanding the (Really Ridiculous) Core Tenets of the Flat Earth Hypothesis

Doug ChampionHow insane is it that by connecting the worlds sum of knowledge with the finger tips of the everyman made us infinitely dumber. I’m so incredibly heartbroken that this is how the future turned out. R.I.P.: The Human Race.

James McIntosh: The democratisation of knowledge done the wrong way round - instead of all feeding from the tested and discovered we've instead encouraged an environment where all opinions should be respected, no matter how wrong, how ridiculous or how disrespectful and damaging in itself. Eventually you'll create more delusional people. Outrageous stupidity gathers more attention than low key simple advancement of knowledge and eventually drowns it out by sheer numbers. Now the folk who used to rant at street corners have taken to youtube and became 'celebrities' (as watered down as that is now), spouting imaginative bullshit based on their own morbid fascinations, fears, and ignorance and we (as a species) lap it up because it's a form of entertainment, so we tell ourselves that if there are unknowns in the universe then our flimsily constructed bollocks is as good as any other theory put together. And they call themselves truthers to boot - the irony! And a good % of it is obviously constructed for political ends.

How Marijuana May Help Stop the Opioid Abuse Epidemic

Tamara Prezioso: Just yesterday, my neurosurgeon told me that I should stop taking opioid medication for my chronic pain, and start using medical marijuana. He said that opioid medications can damage a person's brain. I was a little shocked, but pleased at the same time.

When Is Lying or Cheating Justifiable?

Jacques Loew: My grandfather told me that he saw The Titanic, and that from the beginning he warned all the people that the boat would sink, but they ignored him, however they were warned again on several occassions, until they kicked him out the cinema.

Take your career to the next level by raising your EQ

Emotional intelligence is a skill sought by many employers. Here's how to raise yours.

  • Daniel Goleman's 1995 book Emotional Intelligence catapulted the term into widespread use in the business world.
  • One study found that EQ (emotional intelligence) is the top predictor of performance and accounts for 58% of success across all job types.
  • EQ has been found to increase annual pay by around $29,000 and be present in 90% of top performers.
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Yale scientists restore cellular function in 32 dead pig brains

Researchers hope the technology will further our understanding of the brain, but lawmakers may not be ready for the ethical challenges.

Still from John Stephenson's 1999 rendition of Animal Farm.
Surprising Science
  • Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine successfully restored some functions to pig brains that had been dead for hours.
  • They hope the technology will advance our understanding of the brain, potentially developing new treatments for debilitating diseases and disorders.
  • The research raises many ethical questions and puts to the test our current understanding of death.
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Face mask study reveals worst material for blocking COVID-19

A study published Friday tested how well 14 commonly available face masks blocked the emission of respiratory droplets as people were speaking.

Fischer et al.
  • The study tested the efficacy of popular types of face masks, including N95 respirators, bandanas, cotton-polypropylene masks, gaiters, and others.
  • The results showed that N95 respirators were most effective, while wearing a neck fleece (aka gaiter) actually produced more respiratory droplets than wearing no mask at all.
  • Certain types of homemade masks seem to be effective at blocking the spread of COVID-19.
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You want to stop child abuse? Here's how you can actually help.

Sharing QAnon disinformation is harming the children devotees purport to help.

Photo: Atjanan Charoensiri / Shutterstock
Politics & Current Affairs
  • The conspiracy theory, QAnon, is doing more harm than good in the battle to end child trafficking.
  • Foster youth expert, Regan Williams, says there are 25-29k missing children every year, not 800k, as marketed by QAnon.
  • Real ways to help abused children include donating to nonprofits, taking educational workshops, and becoming a foster parent.
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Strange Maps

Here’s a map of Mars with as much water as Earth

A 71% wet Mars would have two major land masses and one giant 'Medimartian Sea.'

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