GESF: A Global Education Conference for a Global Crisis

Our world is undergoing a crisis in education. Around 67 million children do not have access to primary school, and around 72 million lack a secondary school education. These disturbing statistics can be greatly reduced. That is the focus of the annual Global Education and Skills Forum (GESF) taking place March 15 to 17 in Dubai. Known as "The Davos of Education," GESF brings together leaders across industries to address our world's growing education gaps. Big Think will be bringing you exclusive coverage of GESF and will feature insights into innovative solutions.

What are the disruptive ideas for education today? How can the staggering statistics be reduced? And in what ways can technology make a difference?

Big Think will also be taking you inside the Forum by including your questions in Q&A sessions with keynote speakers. This week, tell us on Twitter what you would like to ask some of the world's leading advocates in education.

Meet the global leaders we will be talking to:

President Bill Clinton, Founder of the Clinton Foundation & 42nd President of the United States.

Irina Bokova, the Director-General of UNESCO, is an expert on the challenges and opportunities for education in the 21st century. A longtime advocate for quality education, Bokova travels the world meeting with government leaders and promoting education as the foundation for a strong, open society.

Andreas Schleicher is a renowned German statistician and researcher in the field of education. As the Deputy Director for Education and Skills, and the Special Advisor on Education Policy to the OECD's Secretary-General, he specializes in the development and utilization of skills and their social and economic impacts.

Salil Shetty is the Secretary General of Amnesty International, a leading human rights advocacy group. Shetty is an expert on how education is one of the strongest weapons against poverty and injustice.

We look forward to your questions and bringing you highlights from GESF. Be sure to check Big Think for regular updates this week and next as we bring you the latest insights into the global state of education.

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