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Surprising Science

Mars Up Close

NASA released this image of Mars up close. Even if you don’t have your 3D glasses handy, it’s still an amazing shot of Mount Sharp on the horizon as well as the soil of Mars, which we reported here on Big Think might one day help us make houses on the Red Planet.

From NASA’s website:

Get out your red/blue glasses (red for the left eye) and look out over this expansive martian landscape. The panoramic stereo view is composed of images from the roving Curiosity’s Navcam taken at a rest stop during a 100 meter drive on Sol 548 (February 19). The 5.5 kilometer high peak of Mount Sharp, also known as Aeolis Mons, is on the horizon, its base a destination for Curiosity. In the foreground are rows of striated rocks along the Junda outcrop. Centered toward the south-southeast the scene spans 160 degrees. (Another Navcam image here looks back along Curiosity’s route at the end of the Sol’s drive on Mars.)

Image credit: NASA


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