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The Doctor Is (Logged) In

Dr. Jay Parkinson, a resident of New York City, recently began an online practice that now offers 24/7 medical services to 500 customers from 30 companies, saving time and money. 

What’s the Latest Development?

Medical diagnoses over the Internet could save patients and doctors time and money. This once futuristic concept has become reality thanks to Dr. Jay Parkinson, a New York resident who began an online practice which currently offers 24/7 medical services to 500 customers from 30 companies. “Started in 2012, Sherpaa now has eight employees, including two primary-care physicians, and counts 500 customers from 30 companies. Sherpaa’s network includes 100 specialists to whom it refers clients.” Sherpaa claims that it can save companies up to $4,000 a year for each employee.

What’s the Big Idea?

Parkinson’s rise to medical and online stardom began as any good story should, in the restless wanderings of a twenty-something who had relocated to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. At first, his “hipster” approach to medicine was maligned even by Gawker. “We can figure out if I need to come to your work, your home or meet somewhere else in the city,” Parkinson wrote on his first site that advertised his services. “We can even meet in the park or a coffee shop.” The entrepreneur’s main innovation has been to move away from a reliance on traditional primary-care physicians and emergency room visits.

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