New bed, no sleep? First night blues

Heard about the phenomenon of FNE, or 'first night effect'?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Have you ever woken up in a new place and noted with disappointment that you are still tired?

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Crazy dreams help us make sense of our memories

A new theory suggests that dreams' illogical logic has an important purpose.

Credit: Paul Fleet/Adobe Stock
  • If consolidating memories as we sleep is like machine learning, maybe dreams keep our "algorithms" on track.
  • Machine learning is optimized by the injection of a certain amount of nonsense data.
  • Maybe dreams are just weird enough to do the same for us as we sleep.
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    Some sleep is worse than no sleep for keeping fear in check

    Getting plenty of sleep just became even more important.

    Credit: Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels
    • A new study finds that people without sleep fare better in learning what to fear and not fear than those getting only some sleep.
    • Test subjects learned to associate colors with electric shocks, but only some unlearned it.
    • The findings could be used to help create new treatments for those at risk of PTSD or anxiety.
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    Snag 12 epic entertainment subscriptions for one low price

    You'll get access to fitness classes, history lessons, Playstation Plus, and much more.

    • In an age of subscription services, bundles are the way to go.
    • With this epic entertainment bundle, you'll have access to all the yoga, language learning, and peaceful sleep you'll ever need.
    • Bonus: the one-year subscription to Playstation Plus is a gamer's dream.
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    Can't stop unwanted thoughts? Poor sleep may be to blame, study says

    The study sheds new light on the relationship between sleep and mental health.

    Credit: vlorzor via AdobeStock
    • Poor sleep has been linked to many health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and a shortened lifespan.
    • A new study suggests that poor sleep also impairs the brain's ability to suppress unwanted thoughts.
    • The researchers suspect this is because not getting enough sleep disrupts the brain's executive control functions.
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