5 in-demand tech skills, and how you can start learning them today

Break into the lucrative world of tech with training you can do anywhere.

  • Train up in tech sectors where employers are hiring in 2020.
  • The training includes AI and machine learning, blockchaining, cybersecurity and more.
  • Each course collection is now over 90% off.
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VPNs are a must for private browsing in 2020. Here are huge deals on 5 of them

With a virtual private network, you're accessing a separate server for your internet use, making it virtually impossible for hackers or malicious outsiders to track your online activities and hack your accounts.

  • In the U.S., only 5% of web users are protected with a VPN service.
  • These five deals provide protection and unrestricted web usage at top speeds.
  • All five VPN services are currently discounted as much as 97% off.
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    What is to be done about the problem of creepy men?

    Creeps, it seems, are everywhere.

    "The Irritating Gentleman" by Berthold Woltze (1874)

    These days, 'creepy' is a popular pejorative.

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    Are passwords obsolete? Thoughts from a famous fraudster.

    In the next two to three years we'll see passwords go away in a way that's long overdue.

    • When we look at online breaches, about 86 percent of the time the hacks have to do with passwords. Because of this, many security experts believe we need to move away from using them.
    • Consequently, we've now developed the technology to do just that. For instance, we now have a technology called Trusona — it stands for "true persona." The technology recognizes the individual, more accurately, based on their device.
    • Many industries are already switching to this method of identity verification. Airlines are already switching, banks are switching, universities, too, are switching.
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    The smart move: We learn more by trusting than by not trusting

    Yet interpersonal trust is at its lowest point in 50 years.

    Dave Walsh/VW Pics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

    We all know people who have suffered by trusting too much: scammed customers, jilted lovers, shunned friends. Indeed, most of us have been burned by misplaced trust.

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