The hackable technology that worries even a legendary con man

Before we release new technology into the ether, we need to make safeguards so that bad actors can't misuse them.

  • Right now cybercrime is basically a financial crime — it's a business of stealing people's money or stealing their data. Data has value.
  • We develop a lot of technology — we need to always ask the question how the new innovation can be misused and make safeguards so that it cannot be done.
  • Because we currently don't do these things, we have hackable vehicles, pacemakers, and laptops.
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How to outsmart a scam: Strategies from a legendary con man

Frank W. Abagnale says scammers don't discriminate — here's what you can do to protect yourself.

  • In today's world, anyone can be targeted by scams -- even famous con man Frank W. Abagnale. For this reason he shares his top advice for protecting yourself against fraud.
  • When receiving a suspicious call, be aware of the two major red flags of immediacy and info-sharing. Is the person asking for money, and they need it right now? Does the person want sensitive personal information like a social security number or date of birth? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, it's probably a scam.
  • Scammers obtain much of their info from a victim's social media accounts. Caution is key for prevention, and education is the most powerful tool in outsmarting this type of crime.
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Hawaiian tweeters displayed heightened anxiety for days after false missile alert

Anxiety provoked by an unavoidable threat — like an electric shock in a lab — increases as the expected event draws closer.

South Korean Defense Ministry via Getty Images

At 8:07am on a Saturday morning in early 2018, phones throughout Hawaii buzzed with a distressing message.

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Five ways your safety depends on machine learning

Machine learning, which actively protects you from all sorts of dangers, including fires, explosions, collapses, crashes, workplace accidents, restaurant E. coli, and crime.

  • Your safety depends on machine learning.
  • It's not a cure-all -- unfortunately, there's no way to achieve 100% guaranteed security in this life.
  • Here are some example insights that help predict peril, which were told to us by data.
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Let’s not confuse entanglement with teleportation

Though quantum teleportation has been demonstrated, the beam-me-up kind is still fiction.

Image source: Dmitriy Rybin/AnyaPL/Shutterstock/Big Think
  • Quantum teleportation and "traditional" teleportation are two very different things.
  • The quantum variety involves entanglement; the other kind is even more problematic.
  • Recent successes in quantum teleportation may lead to more secure communication in the future.
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