One man's idea for the 'greatest PTSD healing curriculum' in America

Activist and Big Think reader Roy M. Arce explains his idea for a new community policing team and how it can halt vicious cycles of PTSD and homelessness.

Photos: Roy M. Arce.
  • Roy Arce is a U.S. veteran with PTSD whose traumatic experiences with police led him to draft a proposal for how communities and police can work better together.
  • A new kind of police response team – made up of at least one police officer and a trained community peace representative – would be part of what Arce calls "the greatest PTSD healing curriculum" in the U.S.
  • This civilian proposal would also seek to treat homelessness in one of the country's most affected regions.
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Enter the Evergreen Prize to scale up your education non-profit!

The Evergreen National Education Prize offers monetary and promotional support to organizations helping low-income youths access education.

  • Big Think is highlighting worthy ventures that promote innovation and scale within educational programs.
  • The Evergreen National Education Prize will award a $100,000 top prize to an organization that helps low-income youths access college or vocational education.
  • Applications for this year's Evergreen Prize must be completed by July 12, 2019.
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Technology & Innovation

Andrew Yang: We need a human-centered capitalism

A universal basic income is just one of Andrew Yang's ideas to update capitalism for the 21st century.

  • Andrew Yang's universal basic income proposal has gained a lot of attention, but it is just one part of his "human-center capitalism" philosophy.
  • Human-centered capitalism calls for government to refocus on human wellbeing, not GDP growth, as the go-to metric of economic success.
  • Yang is one of many thinkers looking to update capitalism for the 21st century.
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Politics & Current Affairs

Berlin freezes rent for five years

The once-famously cheap city is growing more expensive by the year, pricing out the artists that it was once known for.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
  • Rent prices in Berlin have risen 129 percent in the past decade.
  • In response to growing public pressure, the Berlin city government has enacted a plan to freeze rent prices for five years.
  • The majority of economic research on rent controls suggest that this may backfire, but only time will tell.
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Politics & Current Affairs

Andrew Yang: Alaska proves a universal basic income can work

Andrew Yang argues that the Alaska Permanent Fund shows the path to implementing a nationwide universal basic income.

  • The Alaska Permanent Fund directs oil revenue into a fund that pays Alaskans a yearly dividend, usually between $1,000 and $2,000.
  • Andrew Yang points to this and other experiments to support the efficacy of a universal basic income.
  • However, Alaska's model leaves several important questions unanswered.
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