When is a quarantine justified? A group of philosophers offers an answer.

Quarantines are worth the trouble to keep the next pandemic at bay but they need to be applied intelligently.

A trainee, wearing personal protective Equipment (PPE), takes part in a training session held by the military trained Civil Security (Securite civile), on checking and treating suspected victims of the Ebola virus. (JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER/AFP/Getty Images)
  • A new essay argues that quarantines are often needed, but require strict guidelines on when they can be used.
  • Pandemics are inevitable, and actions that can save lives must be planned now.
  • The arguments in this essay will undoubtedly be of use during the next outbreak.
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New Gene Editing Technology Can Eliminate Whole Species — Should We Use It?

A report by a team of scientists highlights the dangers of "gene drive" technology that can eliminate unwanted species.

While ethical considerations have always troubled thoughtful scientists, the fact of the matter is that if something can be done, somebody usually does it. While a few had clear concerns about creating an Atomic bomb in the first place, there were more than enough scientists who put their minds to work on creating one. A similar conundrum is taking place now with the technological breakthroughs that allow us to manipulate genetic code.

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