New A.I. police car brings us one step closer to Robocop

The capabilities on this thing are both impressive and worrisome.

Total Recall props at Comic Con International, Los Angeles. Getty Images.

Autonomous cars are coming down the pike, and they’re going to change our lives in so many ways. Consider that 94% of all car accidents are due to human error. Self-driving cars are expected to be safer, more reliable, and much more environmentally friendly. They might also cut down on traffic and commutes.

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That Time Tesla (Briefly) Became the Most Valuable Car Company in the U.S.

Tesla's market cap surpassed that of GM and Ford on April 10, 2017.

Tesla showroom in New York [Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty]

Tesla’s market cap reached about $51 billion on April 10, briefly pushing the company ahead of GM and Ford as the most valuable car manufacturer in the U.S.

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