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Surprising Science

Clone Doctor’s Fibs

A South Korean scientist responsible for the world’s first cloned dog has been convicted of embezzlement and illegal harvesting of human eggs.

A scientist from South Korea who created the world’s first cloned dog (named Snuppy) was convicted yesterday of embezzlement and harvesting human eggs from female subordinates, according to The Times. A two year suspended sentence was awarded to Hwang Woo Suk, who was formerly disgraced for falsifying dramatic discoveries in stem-cell research, but he was acquitted of fraudulently raising funds from private organisations. Having been honoured with the title “supreme scientist” by the South Korean government, Hwang’s lies caused international scandal after much of his research into human embryo cloning and stem cells was proved to have been faked. “The judges found yesterday that Hwang had misappropriated 830 million won of research funds but ruled that it had not been for his personal enrichment. He was acquitted of fraudulently obtaining private donations worth two billion won,” The Times writes.


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