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[cross-posted at the TechLearning blog ] I’m in the midst of reading Clark Aldrich’s Simulations and the Future of Learning . As Aldrich walks me through the process of developing […]
Why any man is willing to pay $3.8 million dollars for a one-time experience, when he doesn’t get a wife out of the deal, is frankly beyond economic reasoning.
Listen to this post! Know thyself and Nothing in excess (inscribed at the entrance to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi) Since I’ve now been ‘tagged’ with the 5 Things […]
Some of you know Clay Burell from his first blog, Beyond School. But what most folks don’t know is that Clay was selected by the folks at Change.orgto be their […]
My annual review said: n n Dr. McLeod’s work with schools is exemplary but inappropriate. n I knew then that, despite the fact that we liked each other a lot, […]
Here are my notes from Tuesday’s Professional Development Roundtable sponsored by the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA). This was an EXCELLENT conversation. n Effective professional development for educators n […]
The leaks are catastrophic. The leaks are not catastrophic. Diplomacy’s at risk. Diplomacy’s redeemed. While we develop the questions and wait for the answers, let’s parse another, less quixotic topic […]
In the interest of helping people understand me more effectively, I’ve changed the name of this blog to “Cue the Future,” which more aptly communicates what guides most of my […]
“When it comes to the big questions, why should we have to either deny God or believe? Surely good science doesn’t so restrict us.” The New Scientist’s David Eagleman explains.
“Scientists have discovered that starting a romantic relationship typically costs two close friends from the inner circle of intimate contacts that most people rely on for support and advice.”