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Secret Prisons

The Lithuanian government’s intelligence agency assisted the CIA in setting up secret prisons in the region according to a parliamentary panel which met yesterday.

“Lithuania’s intelligence agency helped the CIA to set up secret prisons in the Baltic country, a parliamentary panel said [Tuesday]. However, the national security committee found no evidence that any suspects were interrogated in Lithuania. The committee said the state security department provided two facilities to the CIA: a small cell set up in 2002 that could house one suspect, and a unit set up in 2004 that was big enough to hold eight suspects. It said there was no evidence that the security agency had informed the president, the prime minister or other political leaders of its co-operation with the US. The country’s former leaders have denied any knowledge of the secret prisons. The committee’s chairman, Arvydas Anusauskas, said aircraft involved in transporting prisoners had entered Lithuanian airspace and landed in the capital, Vilnius, on several occasions in 2002-2005. ‘Those airplanes were not checked by border police and customs, [and] persons traveling and cargo were never identified,’ he said.”


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