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After listening to Virginia’s seminar at a Real Estate investment club meeting my wife and I decided to join Millionaire Academy as students. Four short weeks later we are going into escrow on two of the project properties. We are impressed with both the amount of information and encouragement that we’ve received from Virginia and her staff. The weekly courses have given us enough information to afford us the confidence we required to get out of the starting block and investing in Real Estate. Virginia’s “If I can do it with nothing, you can do it too” attitude lends a lot to boost confidence, and motivates those who would otherwise lack motivation based upon fear or a perceived lack of power. I am very excited and grateful for all of the help I’ve received from Millionaire Academy and expect to move on many more properties in the future, as this is a new way of life that I am embracing. Many thanks to Virginia and the entire staff. Tony

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Millionaire Academy has done it again! Thank you, Virginia! I just signed 2 contracts for properties in a great area. Since I started in June, I have purchased 3 properties. This is so very exciting. I can only look forward to bigger and better things. Thanks again Virginia. Martha Virginia Swanson Advising To Whom It May Concern: I really want to thank Virginia Swanson – Kaufman for her generous donation. We at the Nest Step House have been dedicated to providing a safe & loving, sober environment to women who are recovering from alcoholism & addiction. As well, we assist women in their transition from recovery into the community, so that they can become productive and successful in life, following their recovery.

Virginia Swanson Millionaire Academy

Virginia Swanson Investing This is one of the most interesting and amazing projects I’ve learn about of late: John Carrera’s QUERCUS PRESS has completed the 10-year project of bringing a fine press edition of “Pictorial Webster’s” to life. I first read about the project on the Chronicle Books Blog Then I was directed to this piece about “the making of” on VIMEO From the home page to the video: “From the discovery of the 1898 International Dictionary to linotyping the entries to printing the last print on the vandercook to cutting the fingertabs of the deluxe edition, this video gives a quick overview of the process of creating the Pictorial Webster’s fine press edition.”

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Swanson currently works with photographers as a marketing consultant, and is a sought-after portfolio reviewer at events such as Review Santa Fe, Review LA, FotoFest, Photo Nola and PhotoLucida, among others. She also consults with business and agencies in our industry, assisting in their awareness of contemporary photography. Virginia Swanson Millionaire Academy

American Impressionism’s often been seen as a pale copy of the French Impressionism that flowered in the late 19th century. Although American Impressionists early on copied their French counterparts (and even made pilgrimages to Monet’s Giverny garden and home), the exhibition The Artist’s Garden: American Impressionism and the Garden Movement, 1887–1920, at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts through May 24, 2015, proves that American Impressionism quickly blossomed into something distinct—and distinctly American—by the turn of the 20th century. Capturing aesthetically a moment of contradictions as American nativism threatened to close borders while women’s suffrage struggled to open doors, The Artist’s Garden demonstrates the power of flowers to speak volumes about the American past, and present.

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