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Your source for staying current with the latest high energy emerging trends shaping business and pop culture.

We leverage a proprietary Cultural Listening and Mapping platform, that identifies cultural bursts in real time, scores their energy level, projects their lifespan and analyzes their cultural resonance. Our unique process helps brands remain in sync with culture and make more strategically informed business decisions across disciplines including marketing, communications, product development and long term planning.  

Through a combination of real-time monitoring of fast-moving culture and the comprehensive identification and analysis of longer-term trends, sparks & honey accelerates, hijacks, and ultimately ignites culture on behalf of clients.

AdAge named sparks & honey as 1 of 10 Top Agencies to Watch in 2014.


“The last decade has been about sharing. The next decade will be about protecting.” – Dave Pell.
Traditionally, cultural waves around food would take a much longer time to spread, generate hype and spawn imitators and fade out-  but not at the breakneck pace that we are witnessing in 2013. 
Today’s “blacksmith” is a skilled designer/3-D Printer with highly developed skills in CAD design who is able to help locals prototype and create custom products that they concept for various uses.
Gamification, using game mechanics to improve learning, engagement and behavior change, has been a trend for a long time now. Make it a game! Everything from fitness to work to […]
During this year’s Super Bowl, brands like Oreo and Tide didn’t just stick to their traditional pre-planned paid advertising routine—they tried something new.  Along with six others, they flexed their […]
Perfect beauty, HD photography, 3D printing, Elective Bionic Surgery, biohackers, and no religion are all trends to watch for 2013. 
“Now” trends are those with high energy and can be leveraged in the present; “Next” trends will begin to manifest towards the end of 2013 and gain traction through 2014; “Future” trends are fringe signals that will play out in 2015 and beyond.
The 2012 election was game changing for America, producing groundbreaking shifts involving social issues, such as the legalization of same-sex marriage, and recreational marijuana use, and historical milestones for women […]