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Take A Peek Into The Future: 3 Things to Look for When Hiring a Trend Forecaster

The future is coming and it’s coming at a fast and furious pace. How can brands keep up with this ever-accelerating velocity of disruption?

A recent article in Fast Company explores the sometimes-murky world of trend forecasting.  While trend forecasting can help brands stay ahead of the curve, not all futurists are created equal. 

Here are 3 Key Factors to Look For When Working With a Trend Forecaster:

1. A Broad View – Be skeptical of any forecaster who defines themself as industry-specific.  Change is happening everywhere and often the biggest disruptions in an industry are coming from outside that industry.

2. Fast & Slow – Change can happen dramatically and quickly or sneak up slowly on you.  Look for a futurist who has a methodology for monitoring both fast and slow culture trends.

3. Translate from Theory to Practice – Some forecasters get too caught up on what’s new for the sake of what’s new.  The best agencies will help you translate new concepts into practical applications for YOUR business.

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