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Your source for staying current with the latest high energy emerging trends shaping business and pop culture.

We leverage a proprietary Cultural Listening and Mapping platform, that identifies cultural bursts in real time, scores their energy level, projects their lifespan and analyzes their cultural resonance. Our unique process helps brands remain in sync with culture and make more strategically informed business decisions across disciplines including marketing, communications, product development and long term planning.  

Through a combination of real-time monitoring of fast-moving culture and the comprehensive identification and analysis of longer-term trends, sparks & honey accelerates, hijacks, and ultimately ignites culture on behalf of clients.

AdAge named sparks & honey as 1 of 10 Top Agencies to Watch in 2014.


As we detailed in our New Social Systems Deep Dive report, a growing mistrust of institutions is driving a seismic shift in values in the United States.  As Americans look […]
In our last post, Meet The New “Power Woman,” we discussed the emergence of the Power Woman as a positive archetype in popular culture and we also pointed to the changing roles […]