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Mystery Volcano Photo #12

Either Eruptions readers are too smart or I’m too easy when it comes to the Mystery Volcano Photo … So I’m trying to up the ante. Give it a guess!

Alright, there has been some complaints that the last few MVPs have been too easy, so I tried to reach back and find one that might be more of a challenge for you all. Maybe this photo will do the trick …

Current standings:

Don Crain – 2

volcanista – 1

Elizabeth – 1

Ralph – 1

gijs – 1

Anne – 1

Cam – 1

gg – 1

The Bobs – 1

Boris Behncke – 1

Good luck!

As we head off into the weekend, I thought I’d put up a new¬†Mystery Volcano Photo. If you remember¬†the last one, it was a doozy submitted by my former introductory […]

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